My name is Natalie Alexandra Ross.
I am a trauma-informed marketing coach for conscious entrepreneurs.

I weave mycelial webs

that help people connect with self, community, nature, and spirit for personal and collective healing.

Having experienced the debilitating impact of complex trauma (cPTSD), I know how hard it can be for intuitive, caring people to exist, let alone run a business, in this society fueled by greed and domination.

Trauma is

held in and healed through the nervous system.

My speciality is in communications through a trauma-informed lens, where the impact of marketing on one’s nervous system matters.

In contrast to typical marketing that pressures people to buy out of fear, trauma-informed marketing supports feelings of safety in your own and your customers’ nervous systems.

Feeling safe helps them to make buying decisions from a place of empowerment and alignment, and it attracts the people who are ready to show up fully while deeply valuing the impact of what you offer.

Marketing in this way helps conscious entrepreneurs grow thriving businesses while contributing to collective healing without sacrificing their values or income.

Learn more about trauma-informed marketing below, where I get deeper into it!

I work with

my signature POP Method, Somatic Experiencing (for which I’m in training to be certified), hands-on experience in my own 6-figure business, Earth Speak, and my intuitive gifts to help conscious business owners enjoy marketing, grow their audiences, increase sales, and help more people they’re meant to serve.

I am grateful to be helping people who help people, so together we can create a world that values the agency and wellbeing of all.

I currently offer

a 2-month 1:1 consulting experience where I guide conscious entrepreneurs with proven products or services to incorporate trauma-informed marketing into their business for more sales and sustainable success.

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Trauma-Informed Marketing

Earth-honoring community and podcast

Silliness with me and my husband

about me and trauma-informed marketing.


  • Helped drive over $450,000 in revenue across my business and my clients’ businesses over the last 2 years, helping clients have 5-figure and 6-figure months!
  • Studied photojournalism at UNC-CH
  • B.A. in Ecosystem Assessment from NCSU
  • M.S. in Soil Science from NCSU
  • Did freelance photography for newspapers, magazines, and high-end organic restaurants
  • Co-founded and currently run a 6-figure membership community for Earth-honoring spirituality and intuitive development at
  • Grew an online audience of over 47,000 intuitive, caring people
  • Produce the Earth Speak podcast with over 2 million downloads
  • Am an artist and free spirit who refuses to be put in a box!

Trauma-Informed Marketing

My own trauma healing journey of integrating wounds and reclaiming gifts helps me hold non-judgmental space both in my community at Earth Speak and in teaching marketing.

Even though I co-founded and currently run a business, Earth Speak, I started doing marketing consulting on the side because so often conscious business owners don’t have anywhere to turn for marketing support. 

For business owners whose products and services help people heal or transform, traditional marketing methods feel manipulative and out of alignment, as they use tactics that pressure people into making decisions from a place of fear rather than empowerment and safety.

Further, most marketing consultants don’t understand the inner workings of intuition, the healing arts, or animism, and they often operate from a worldview of domination as taught by the toxic power structures of modern authoritarian society.

Thus using traditional tactics can lead to the unintentional perpetuation of domination through marketing, even if one’s business is centered on healing.

From running my own businesses over the years, I’ve studied SO MANY marketing strategies and tried to fit my message into lots of boxes that never quite felt right.

Through curiosity, experimentation, and lots of determination, all combined with an understanding of trauma and the nervous system, I’ve created my own approach to marketing that honors the agency of all involved.

I call it the POP Method.

What makes the POP Method different is that it doesn’t play manipulative games, twist the knife of a customer’s pain, or make them feel like they are broken and need to “buy now” to be fixed or whole.

It also doesn’t require a business owner to sell themselves. Rather, they sell the outcomes provided through their products or services.

This disentangles a person’s worth from depending on whether people buy or not, and it frees up business owners from pressure to be someone they’re not.

In my consulting, I honor the business owner as an important part of the marketing equation, helping them tap into their aligned flow, so they don’t have to market in ways that drag them down.

Our work together helps them channel their creative voice into their marketing without forcing them to fit into a box.

We have a lot of fun and get big things done without it feeling like work!

I talk a lot more about all of this on my email newsletter. Subscribe below!

Feel free to get in touch any time with questions or comments!

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🌈 Insights on channeling your creative voice into business

🍄 Adventures in Earth’s beauty to inspire your spirit

🐇 Nervous system healing to break free from wounds

What you might not know about me…

Beyond Business

Flowers and nature’s beauty are essential nutrients to me, can you tell? 😆

I love to bask in the sun with my plant, animal, and elemental kin.

I also enjoy making silly Instagram reels, producing dance music, making music with plants, unwinding in candlelit baths, reading, lounging on the beach, hiking in the mountains, being with my Earth Speak community online and in person, and eating amazing food cooked by my loving life partner, John Jack.

Find my art and musings on my personal blog at

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. I was narcoleptic as a child and would pass out randomly until I had my adenoids removed in the 1st grade.
  2. I’m super into being natural, but I also do a bunch of stuff that isn’t natural or “pure” like bleach my hair platinum blonde, take Prozac, and watch trash TV.
  3. I won the grand prize of a web design contest for people under 18 when I was 16. I spent my winnings on snowboarding gear (I don’t do board sports anymore after too many injuries). I’ve actually won a lot of stuff – from a grant I didn’t apply to and a photo contest I didn’t know I was entered in (psychedelic, right?) to randomly walking into a Bingo game and winning. I’ve also won tickets on the radio and an awesome trip to a hot springs resort via a contest on Instagram. Maybe I should buy a lotto ticket…
  4. My husband planned our wedding. I hate event planning, and I’m terrible at it. If you want to collaborate on an event, be prepared to do the planning… 😂
  5. My mom was on welfare as a single parent. In my mid-30’s part of my family became wealthy. Going from welfare to wealthy, I have unpacked a lot of trauma around money and hope to help others do so, too.
  6. I’m the oldest of 5 sisters across a blended family. My youngest sister is 15 years younger than me. I don’t have any brothers.
  7. I’ve been practicing kulning, a herding call and form of communication that my Scandinavian ancestors used while tending the herds in the hills for the warm seasons.
  8. In Human Design I am a reflector. I’ve had to experiment my way into thriving without trying to be a generator. I can work with all types, and I understand the needs of non-energy types, too.
  9. I dropped out of college three times. It took me 11 years to finish my undergrad. Once I finished, I intended to get a Ph.D. and run a soil microbiology lab, but due to unforeseen circumstances at the beginning of grad school, I decided to just get a Master’s degree.
  10. I’m clairvoyant and claircognizant. I like to channel plant spirit messages and share them on my podcast and YouTube. I am also an animist that practices Earth-based spirituality with rituals, offerings, and a constant connection to my other-than-human kin all around me.

To hear more about trauma-informed marketing and my personal stories of healing trauma, overcoming money wounds, making art, and living a magical free-spirit life, subscribe to my email list.

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🌈 Insights on channeling your creative voice into business

🍄 Adventures in Earth’s beauty to inspire your spirit

🐇 Nervous system healing to break free from wounds

Site photos and videos are by Natalie Ross, John Jack, and Shawna Cason.

Natalie resides in Santa Cruz, CA, on Ohlone, Awaswas, and Popeloutchom land.