Hate selling yourself or feel icky about marketing?

Want more sales or clients?

Don’t know how to talk about what you do in a way that attracts customers?

Feel energetics are as important as strategies, but don’t know how to implement that?


In this 2-month 1:1 Marketing coaching experience

I help conscious business owners with proven products or services attract more people they’re meant to serve and make more sales without feeling gross about it.

My trauma-informed POP Method will help you anchor your creative channel into marketing, connect the dots from content to sales with integrity, and grow a thriving business that contributes to collective healing.

Together we will:

Take one offer through my trauma-informed POP Method...

from clarifying the offer to creating content to collecting testimonials that all help you sell with integrity to the people you’re meant to serve. You’ll be able to craft compelling offers and implement trauma-informed marketing for any product or service you want to sell now and in the future.

Uncover the approaches to marketing that light you up and work...

so you don’t have to force yourself to market via a method or medium you don’t enjoy. We will explore what’s worked for you in the past, what you don’t love doing, and what your natural communication and connection gifts are. Then we’ll create an empowering plan that you’ll actually enjoy.

Create marketing materials that catch the attention of your ideal clients and connect the dots from content to sales...

You’ll learn how to use the POP Method to craft messages that not only sell, but also offer healing support to your audience while growing their trust in your ability to help them. I also provide in-depth screen share feedback on your assignments and content while we’re working together, so you can deeply understand and implement these principles.

Do a marketing makeover on your current and recent materials...

…with suggestions on how to implement what I’ve taught you. We’ll look at how to repurpose content across platforms, so that you can focus your efforts where it matters most. We’ll also identify gaps where your content can better connect the dots to sales.

Integrate energetic and unconscious blocks you have around marketing...

so you’re not retraumatizing yourself or your customers when you’re marketing and selling. This will also help you disconnect your self-worth from how your marketing performs. We’ll use gentle techniques that work directly with your nervous system for releasing stored trauma responses.

Map out the most aligned way for you to grow your audience...

so you can reach more of the people you’re meant to serve. Instagram and ads aren’t the only way to reach new people. Together we’ll discern what the most fun, effective methods are for you to get in front of the people you can help.

We’ll work together with weekly 2-hour calls for 10 weeks, and you’ll receive recordings of our sessions.

I will provide email and screen recorded feedback in between sessions.

You’ll also receive templates to help you implement the POP Method in your offers, pitches, content, and testimonials.

The investment is $5k, payable all at once or by payment plan.

If you’re interested apply below, and I will be in touch!

You can also reach out with questions.

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